Zelo is a Deathless in Infinity Blade 1 that is accessed in an upper area of the castle, accessed at the part where you are at the huge blue door in the castle next to a staircase. Take the staircase and enter the blue door you find at the end of the route. It will take you to an armory like area, similar to that of the shrine from Infinity Blade 2. Zelo will be waiting there. He will give the player the option to leave or stay. If the player stays, the battle will begin.

Attacks Edit

He has the same attacks as enemies using sword or shield, except he has a unique fury attack. He will swing his shield sideways, then downwards, before slicing diagonally and doing a powerful uppercut with the shield.

Death Edit

Like Raidriar, upon a rebirth he will respawn. When he does, he says the player has made a bad decision before dying. If the player dies, he will takes his shield and hit the player across the face with it, then taunt he player before striking his blade into the player’s head

Gear Edit

Zelo wears the Vim helmet, uses The Wall as his shield, The Gatesword as his weapon, and an armor plate with the same style as the Vim helmet