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Dark Peak. Shadow of the Fathers

This chapter in the life of Siris is more of the followings of his and Isa's son, Thaddin.  When the Hideout is burnt to the ground by rogues and bountyhunters, Siris realizes he cannot keep the secret of the Infinity Blade from his son forever.  He tells Thaddin his story (what he remembers) and he sets out to find the origins of the Infinity Weapons: The Infinity Stones.  

He trudges through thick forests, swamps, and mountains to seek the Stones.  On his way, Thaddin fights off countless enemies and secrets that tell him more of his father's dark past.  These secrets also reveal to him the most troubling fact in his father's past; that of Ausar/Siris' father, Shal'e.  Thaddin must reach his grandfather's icy mountain prison to reveal the past before the Dark Army and bountyhunters reach him.  

Shal'e was locked away in deep caverns of the Dark Peak after Ausar was defeated on the Plains of Koroth.