The Arctic Blue and Slayingthehalcyon septology.

The Books and ProtagonistsEdit

  • Prologue: Dawn of the New Ages : Doom
  1. Dawn of the New Ages : Circuitry
    • Arctic Blue: Frigidion
    • Slayingthehalcyon: Halcium
  2. Dawn of the New Ages : Infection
    • Arctic Blue: Cryosus
    • Slayingthehalcyon: Theus
  3. Dawn of the New Ages : Aftermath
    • Arctic Blue: Nevius
    • Slayingthehalcyon: Yalcon
  4. Dawn of the New Ages : Terror
    • Arctic Blue: Caerulium
    • Slayingthehalcyon: Slayon
  5. Dawn of the New Ages : Untitled
    • Arctic Blue: Arcius
    • Slayingthehalcyon: Cyonis
  6. Dawn of the New Ages: Divinity
    • Arctic Blue: Frost
    • Slayingthehalcyon: Dawn
  7. Dawn of the New Ages: Enigma
    • Arctic Blue: Letratian
    • Slayingthehalcyon: Noycon
  • Epilogue: Dawn of the New Ages : Infinity


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1-2 457687 art robot gigantskij sneg chelovek vsadnik kon mec 1680x1050 ( 20091215130755!Rx-0 20091215130755!Rx-0 Advanced GN-X Front(Red) Age 2s gundam age 2s silhouette ms mode by unoservix-d5gl8bj Fantasy Robot crab 041773 Fantasy Robot Scorpion 042772 Mecha-Tutorial Robot by henryz-d2z6cbd RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex - Front

Cerebrilith Mind flayer Golothoma Shadow Demon 290423-bigthumbnail 371274 Url-31 Img-far melting gold golem Demon lord by chevsy-d6zzv3x Fantasy-Fire-Demon-1024x1280 Magic-The-Gathering-Fantasy-Art-Creatures-Artwork-Jason-Chan-720x1280 Url-20

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